Challenge Az Discipleship


The Christian Challenge AZ discipleship team exists to develop disciples of Jesus Christ by building a Biblical foundation of discipleship for college students through Challenge Communities and providing opportunities and resources necessary for growth as a disciple.

Why Discipleship?

Christian Challenge AZ works to develop students who LOVE God, LIVE His Word, and SERVE His Church. The following passages serve as the foundation for this goal:

 LOVE (Mark 12:30) 

 LIVE (Matthew 4:4) 

SERVE (1 Peter 4:10-11) 

You're a new disciple of Jesus Christ, but you're not sure where to begin. Check out these resources to learn about how to follow Christ!

You've been asked to lead a Challenge Community for your campus, but what does that mean? Click here to find out!

Surge is our annual, state-wide discipleship retreat. Click here for more info!

Discipleship Team

Jeffrey Mashaw

Maya Bickham

Caitlin Marchbanks

Maddie Reimus

Justin Akine

Scott Winter